Hetgeen waar ik me dagelijks mee bezig hou. Blijf via deze posts up-to date over alles op design gebied!

Divide html list in two

For my job I needed to split a html list in two. The tricky part was that the list contained links with borders. To create a solution I used jQuery…

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CSS Line Arrow

Today I wanted to change the ascii arrow for a css version. While searching the web, I stumbled upon a Codepen with something similar. I tweaked it to fit my…

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Fade in element on scroll in viewport

For this effect I tried out different scripts and css files. In the end I currently use the script below and these css classes with css transitions. As you can…

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Custom social share buttons

For my website I wanted to have my social share buttons to match my design. Therefore I used regular html and css and jQuery to make it work. See the…

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WordPress related posts without a plugin

For my website I wanted to display related posts by category. For this feature I stumbled on a code snippet which worked for me. As you can see it looks…

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Website in een nieuw jasje

Zo daar is ie dan, de website in een nieuwe jas. Het heeft wat werk gekost, maar als het goed is heb ik er uiteindelijk veel profijt van. Scheelt heel…

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