Besides his day job he spends most of his spare time on producing electronic music. Have a listen and enjoy!


Coming soon on Massive Moment, Mid-Town records!

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If you are looking for a nice sonic beachwalk (‘Strandwandeling’ in Dutch) Marco van Zomeren has you covered with this easy listening progressive release on Massive Moment. Close your eyes and enjoy the gentle translation of waves, wind and sun to your audio devices.Buy

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Vloeistof (liquid in dutch) is a tune that just flows through the progressive trance spectrum like a continuous meandering stream of easy listening sounds. An ideal break track in between some more busy tracks or a good transitional track to put between softer and harder trance tunes in your set.Buy

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I create my music with Ableton 10. Which DAW is your favourite? Let me know! 🙂

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