Customizing utility classes with Bootstrap


While working on a method of creating all kinds of utility classes by myself, I was doing research to all kinds of frameworks who do this.

My top 3 css frameworks

  1. Bootstrap

  2. Tailwind

  3. Foundation

Recently I also discovered:

  1. Vanilla framework

  2. Tachyons

But while I was figuring out the technique behind Bootstrap I stumbled upon the power of the way it generates the utilities.

It has this list of utilities which contains the information of the class, the property, desired values and even the option to say it needs to be responsive. In this way it’s similar to the “plugins” of Tailwind.

In both cases you have the power to generate the utilities in a very efficient way. You can easily extend or limit the number of utilities. Even controlling the naming convention is a peace of cake by changing the parameters.

Because I am more comfortable with scss than javascript, I prefer Bootstrap over Tailwind and am currently testing the Bootstrap api for generating all desired utilities. The current state of the project can be found here.

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