Some things you just want to do in your life before a certain time. What might help to realise these goals is to keep track of them a.k.a. putting up a “Bucketlist”. So in that case, this is currently mine.  😁

  1. Release an album
  2. Have a tour with performing my music
  3. Skydive
  4. Roadtrip through Canada
  5. Catch a fish, cook it and eat it
  6. Travel to a mountain top by heli and ride fresh snow with friends
  7. Visit New Zealand
  8. Visit Scandinavia
  9. Drive a supercar
  10. Visit Tokyo


Marco van Zomeren is a designer on a audio visual journey. Currently working full time at a company with several subsidiaries in the financial sector. Besides his day job he spends most of his spare time on producing electronic music. More...