Vivre coming soon!

The one in a million signature sound of Marco van Zomeren is here again for all true fans of his progressive trance tunes with Vivre. A grooving beat, a female voice, lush 80’s pads and a drive that secretly contains a contagious swing, this is a track that fits any easy trance listening session.



Marco van Zomeren is a designer on a audio visual journey. Currently working full time at a company with several subsidiaries in the financial sector. Besides his day job he spends most of his spare time on producing electronic music. More...


Eminent EP

Exciting news: 30-08-2019 my “Eminent EP” will land on all digital stores via Sesque Music 🍾 Two tracks strongs, exposing my techno orientated, electronic sound. 1. Eminent2. Nova Buy now

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Marco van Zomeren takes you on a trip with a calm ‘heartbeat’. This danceable soundscape focusses on birdlike sounds with pads and classic synths to create a stress free sonic…

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Marco van Zomeren continues bringing his signature sound to the fans with his ‘Misére’ release on Massive Moment. An easy listening progressive tune with a melancholic atmosphere and a variety…

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